A Yakiniku restaurant, located in Susukino Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi, where you can enjoy rare parts.

Privacy policy

Personal information protection policy

Definition of personal information

EXAQ Inc. (subsequently, our company), values customer privacy, and considers protection of customer personal information as an important duty. On our website, all laws regarding protection of personal information are strictly observed, and our company operate as follows, regarding handling of such information.

Use of personal information

"Personal information" refers to information pertaining to individuals, and includes name, birthday, and other information that can identify the referenced individual.

Use by the third-party

We do not share your personal information with a third-party, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Even within the reasonable purpose of use to deliver a beneficial information from a business partner, we will not offer or present your personal information to such businesses/organizations, unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Except under the following: